Chih-Pin Hsiao

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Chih-Pin Hsiao is a Architecture Ph.D. student with multidisciplinary background including Architecture Design, Design Computing, Music, Software Development, and Human Computer Interaction. His research interests mainly focuses on how designers interpret the physical space and their mental model. See his more information here.


Pedro Soza

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Pedro Soza is a PhD Student in Design Cognition at the College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of technology. His research interest lye in Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Creativity and Design processes. You can reach Pedro at


Andy Wu

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Andy Wu is a Digital Media Ph.D. student with multidisciplinary background including Physics, Electrical/Optical Engineering, Software Development and Human Computer Interaction. Currently, He has been working with Dr. Ali Mazalek in synlab. His research interests cover Human Computer Interaction, Tangible Media and Information Visualization. See more information in his personal webpage on


Szu-Chia Lu

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Szu-Chia Lu is a HCI Master. Her research interests lay in User Experience, Interaction Design and Behavioral Science. She is looking for a full-time job in related fields after her graduation in May 2011. You can reach her in her personal website.

David Joyner

David Joyner

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David Joyner is a PhD student at CoC.


Kevin Huang

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Kevin Huang was a CS MS student at Georgia Tech. Kevin received a BS CS from Clemson U and worked at Harris corp. for a few years. Then discovered that he wasn’t happy with the corporate life and needed a more creative environment. So he enrolled at Georgia Tech to explore creative designs in ubiquitous [...]


Hyungsin Kim

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Ph.D. Student in Human Centered Computing Program


Ellen Yi-Luen Do

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Ellen is a professor in the School of Industrial Design, College of Architecture, and the School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing, at Georgia Institute of Technology. Before joining Georgia Tech, Ellen was on the faculty in the computational design program at Carnegie Mellon University, where she co-directed the Computational Design Laboratory CoDe Lab (Sep [...]