Glove and Micro Controller

Tactile Teacher

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In a piano lesson, a student often imitates the teacher’s playing in terms of speed, dynamics, and fingering. While this learning model leverages one’s visual and even audial perception for emulation, it still lacks an important component of piano playing – the tactile sensation. We seek to convey the tactile sensations of the teacher’s keystrokes [...]

Logo for business about drawing program research project.

Apprentice: AI Drawing Partner

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Nicholas’ research is part of the academic field called Computational Creativity that investigates ways to make computers generate creative products or use technology to support and enhance human creativity. He is founding a company that will be one of the earliest companies dedicated solely to investigating the new frontier of human users collaborating with computationally [...]


StorySketch: Playful Storytelling with Sketches

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StorySketch enables casual creators to quickly experiment with visual narrative ideas and work iteratively and interactively as a means of self-expression. StorySketch allows individuals to creative visual narratives using flexible and low cost sketches. StorySketch is designed as a cognitive creativity support tool in the sense that it is a prototype based on the Cognitive [...]


Sketch Master – A Sketch Game for Collecting Exploratory Data

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Sketch Master is a sketch-based game designed to strengthen drawing and memory skills in a fun and engaging manner. Additionally, Sketch Master serves as a research instrument to study the relation between perception, memory, and sketching. It is an example of a “game with a purpose”, such as ESP, the online guessing game that motivates [...]


Digital Box and Block Test

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Technology is changing the scope and quality of healthcare through applications such as telemedicine and home health technology by offering a cost-effective and accessible means to manage chronic disease. People are increasingly taking a proactive role in monitoring and maintaining their health, e.g., monitoring blood pressure to prevent stroke, or measuring blood sugar levels to [...]


NE1 View

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Team Members: Chih-Pin Hsiao, Matthew Swarts, Andy Wu Abstract NE1 View is a full-body interactive environment that extends the view of a person from the physical space to a virtual space. People who enter the space are tracked by the system. Every few seconds, one individual would be randomly chosen, indicated by a spot light. The body movement of [...]


3D GeM

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Teem Member Chih-Pin Hsiao, Nicholas Davis, Jeremy Duvall, Megha Sandesh, Ravi Karkar Abstract 3D GeM explores the potential practices of an immersive work environment afforded by the convergence of 3D models of interaction and vision based user interfaces. Our system applies these technologies in a novel combination to support a redesigned and efficient 3D workspace for daily use. Traditional [...]


mediPuppet: Interactive Companion for Pediatric Patients

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Young children often feel terribly anxious while visiting a doctor. We designed mediRobbi, an interactive robotic companion, to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during hospital visits. mediRobbi can guide and accompany the children through their medical procedures. The ultimate goal of this study is to transform an intimidating medical situation into a joyful exploring game.

Optical Chess

Tangible Optical Chess

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introduction Optical Chess is a strategic board game created using the theoretical idea of lasers and mirrors, as well as many of the concepts and terminology from the more standard game of Chess. The game’s initial objectives were to be easy to learn, to be difficult to master, to be strictly strategic with no element [...]



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ClockReader – Investigating Automated Recording and Analysis of Clock Drawing Test for Detecting Cognitive Impairment Early detection of symptoms is of critical importance in diagnosing and treating cognitive dysfunction. One important instrument utilized for detecting early signs of cognitive dysfunction is the Clock-Drawing Test. In this test, patients are asked to draw a clock face [...]