ACADIA 2011 Award for Innovative Research is presented to Ellen Do


is presented to:

Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
This award recognizes innovative research that contributes to the field of digital design in architecture. The award distinguishes research with the potential to transform contemporary architecture.

Ellen Yi-Luen Do has been creating design tools that incorporate user needs since the mid-90′s, connecting design thinking and cutting edge technology. Her work engages designers, programmers and interdisciplinary partners in creating new interfaces that feel natural. Her research comes from careful observation, insightful analysis, a can-do attitude and a persistence that allows her work to reach the highest standards of excellence. Her careful analysis of conceptual sketching in architectural design allowed her to translate specific sketch actions into computer input for tools such as the Electronic Cocktail Napkin. The initial program spawned a whole set of prototype applications (such as 2D glyph recognition for database retrieval, 3D annotation, 3D modeling) which proved that sketch input could be a natural, viable way to design with computers.

Ellen smoothly transitioned from sketching applications to gesture-based computing and tactile interfaces. Her teams have been agile at incorporating motion detectors and cameras into design tools and healthcare applications. She has effectively worked with inter-disciplinary teams to make environments for improved patient outcomes.

Ellen is an associate professor in the College of Architecture, and the College of Computing, at Georgia Institute of Technology. Before joining Georgia Tech in 2006, Ellen co-directed the Computational Design Laboratory CoDe Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. and the Design Machine Group at University of Washington. Prior to UW, Ellen worked at University of Colorado at Boulder (94-99) as a researcher and instructor for the Sundance Lab for Computing in Design and Planning.

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