Wei-Ru Lay

My name is Wei-Ru Lay.
I am currently employed by Haze Inc. as a contract industrial designer. My major responsibilities are product design and development.

I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Master degree in Industrial Design. My graduate study focused on exploring user-centered design principle to improve product usability indifferent projects. For my graduate project, I worked on designing the interface of a tangible toy camera for pre-kindergarten children that helps parent better understanding their children. I also worked on healthcare project for web/mobile application and interaction design project.

I enjoy making better designs after observing people and seeking behaviors. I love to explore new opportunities for better designs from daily life.

For my career, dedicating my passion and expertise in user experience design/research is my number one goal. I really want to make great contribution in human computer interaction area, help people to live better and have more fun in the digital world!

Please visit my portfolio website for more works.

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