Six Papers from Georgia Tech at TEI 11

The 2011 Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI), for which Ellen Yi-Luen Do is Program Co-Chair and Ali Mazalek is GSC Co-Chair, received 203 submissions (the highest number of submissions in TEI history) and accepted a total of 65 papers, an acceptance rate of 32%.

GVU research projects have had the following six papers accepted: (available at ACM Digital Library)

“SketchTop: Design Collaboration on a Multi-Touch Tabletop”
by Paul Clifton, Ali Mazalek, Jon Sanford, Claudia Rébola, Seunghyun “Tina” Lee, and Natasha Powell

“Design through Everyday Experience”
by Jill Coffin

“Computational Clock Drawing Analysis for Cognitive Impairment Screening”
by Hyungsin Kim, Young Suk Cho, and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

“Grocery Hunter: A Fun Game for Children to Combat Obesity”
by Hyungsin Kim, Chandan Dasgupta, Anya Kogan, Michael Novitzky, and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

“I’m in the Game: Embodied Puppet Interface Improves Avatar Control”
by Ali Mazalek, Michael Nitsche, Sanjay Chandrasekharan, Tim Welsh, Paul Clifton, Andrew Quitmeyer, Firaz Peer, and Friedrich Kirschner

“Tangible Navigation and Object Manipulation in Virtual Environments”
by Andy Wu, Derek Reilly, Tony Tang, and Ali Mazalek

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