Welcome to ACME lab! A Creativity Machine Environment! aka ACME Creativity Machine Environment – ACME Lab

Yes, the name is both confusing and has many meanings. We like the acronym of ACME, since it means the highest point, and also refers to the fictional company in Looney Tunes, which is A Company that Makes Everything!

We call it ACME Creativity Machine Environment – yes, the acronym of this is ACME. We like recursive ideas.

Yes, the name of ACME is used everywhere. That is also the beauty of it.

Why creativity machine? Well.. we believe everyone can be creative because everyone has the ability to make things. Why machine? Human beings are wonderful, intricate machineries! In the efforts to understand human intelligence and creativity (cognition), or how people design everything (from their meals, to furniture, house, or software programs), we build models and machines (theory and model) to attempts to explain, and simulate, or to explore the boundaries of these ideas that are inside blackboxes.

What do we do? We are interested in everything about design computing and cognition! From ambient intelligence to physical computing, from sketch understanding to intuitive design tools, from web log analysis to social networking, from patient communication systems to ubiquitous computing, from interactive furniture to architectural robotics, just to name a few.