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NE1 View

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Team Members: Chih-Pin Hsiao, Matthew Swarts, Andy Wu Abstract NE1 View is a full-body interactive environment that extends the view of a person from the physical space to a virtual space. People who enter the space are tracked by the system. Every few seconds, one individual would be randomly chosen, indicated by a spot light. The body movement of [...]


3D GeM

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Teem Member Chih-Pin Hsiao, Nicholas Davis, Jeremy Duvall, Megha Sandesh, Ravi Karkar Abstract 3D GeM explores the potential practices of an immersive work environment afforded by the convergence of 3D models of interaction and vision based user interfaces. Our system applies these technologies in a novel combination to support a redesigned and efficient 3D workspace for daily use. Traditional [...]


Chih-Pin Hsiao

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Chih-Pin Hsiao is a Architecture Ph.D. student with multidisciplinary background including Architecture Design, Design Computing, Music, Software Development, and Human Computer Interaction. His research interests mainly focuses on how designers interpret the physical space and their mental model. See his more information here.